Monitoring Your Colony

Keeping track of members of your colony, their health, new cats that have joined the colony who may need to be neutered, and your ongoing TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) program allows you to monitor your progress and provides you with back-up evidence that may be needed someday.

It is important to keep current and accurate health records for all of the cats. Always be prepared for the possibility that someone such as animal control could question the status of your colony.

Our suggestions for colony caregivers are:

  • Each cat should have its own medical record that contains a listing of each vaccination (especially rabies), spay/neuter information, and any other medical procedure the cat has received. Hold on to all medical records for each cat in each colony that you care for.
  • Try to include a photo of each cat with his or her record. Make sure to update the photo occasionally as their coloring and size can change with age.
  • One way to stay organized is to keep all information for a colony together in a three ring binder. Not only will you be prepared to provide documentation about your cats if needed, you will also represent yourself as well-organized and on top of the situation when conversing with neighbors about the cats.
  • Use the Feral Cat FOCUS Cat Colony Medical Record Log to help you keep organized records.


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